Do Lilies and Carnations Go Together?

It is very agreeable that a bouquet of fresh flowers is a refreshing decoration or can be a thoughtful gift for a special someone. Whether they are only a simple arrangement on a table or a largely decorated one, they add a touch of natural beauty to your room. However, the mixture of the blooms on the pot has to be considered thoroughly—not all combinations of flowers fit well with each other. You need to match their color and appearance, then match the meaning of them to express your feeling well to the recipient. If you are wondering which one is the right combination, we got you covered! You can order a bouquet of those mixtures via flower delivery Singapore in Flower Advisor.

The mixture of different flowers in a bouquet, for example, Lily and Carnation might go well in an arrangement, along with several filler flowers. Both of these plants are very famous for plant lovers, and they carry strong expressions within their delicate and enchanting blooms. Moreover, both of those flowers’ meanings can be matched together too! In this article, we will take you through the meanings and symbolism of each plant and how well they can go together.

The meaning of Carnation

Carnations have gone through a long history and are well-loved by people ever since a long time ago. They are said to be one of the oldest cultivated flora, commonly blooming in shades of pink and peach. There are many other colors from hybridization and variegated versions too. Their scientific name is Dianthus that derives from Latin words: Dios, meaning Gods, and Anthos, meaning flower. This name has made them called the flower of the Gods. Some also believe that they earned their name from the Roman word ‘corone’ which means flower, or the Latin word ‘caro’ which means flesh.

Carnations have a lot of meaning, depending on the colors you chose. They have some common meanings that apply to all colors: Love, fascination, and distinction. These meanings made them become a perfect mix in a lily bouquet. They are often used in weddings in China and became the official flower for Mother’s Day in the United States. Depending on their colors, here is the list of their meanings:

– Red shades mean deep love and admiration. You can send them an expression of admiration towards your beloved one.

– White shades mean pure love and good luck. This color can be perfect as a gift for your close friends or for someone who needs prayer of luck.

– Pink shades mean motherly love, making them perfect as a Mother’s Day gift.

– Yellow shades mean disappointment or rejection. Back then in the Victorian era, yellow carnation was used to say no or to reject someone.

– Purple shades mean capriciousness. You can give them to a friend with a unique personality to match their uniqueness!

The meaning of Lily

Lily has also gone through a long history, dating as far back as 1580 B.C. This plant is said to be sprouted from the milk of the queen of the Gods, Goddess Hera. Their name comes from the Greek word ‘leiron’, and their scientific name is ‘Lilium’. The name of this plant has been very famous as babies’ names. Lilies have a unique appearance with their trumpet-like shape of petals and produce enchanting scents.

In general, the lily is the symbol of purity, innocence, and devotion. They can also be a symbol of femininity and are often used as a hair crown for ladies. Their white shades are included as one of the flowers often used in funerals because their color stands for peace and serenity. Although, the other varieties of colors are also used in wedding ceremonies, for example, in China, as a symbol of pure love because they are tied to 100 years of love and are said to bring good luck.

The mixture of Lilies and Carnations

           One symbolizes purity, while the other one symbolizes love. These mixtures can be a good start for your bouquet mixture! With lilies, you can add a unique touch to your arrangements with their trumpet-like shapes. Then you can add the ruffle-like carnation to your floral arrangements to bring out the soft and fluffy-like vibes to your decoration. As for the fillers, you can use green leaves, some baby breath, and voila! You will have an exquisite and graceful arrangement for a gift or your home’s decoration. Be sure to mix and match the colors well, too. For example, mix white shaded lily along with pink colored carnations to give off a feminine and adorable look. A mix of white-colored lily and red carnation will bring out the elegance of both plants into one, making them surely well-loved by the recipients.

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