Top 5 Reasons For Cracks In Paintings

Although they are quite common, cracks in paintings deserve special attention from the resident which can be as a result of leak detection. Most of the time, the problem is superficial and only involves the appearance of the house. In some cases, however, the fissure can indicate something more serious. Several reasons can cause a wall to crack, such as seepage, thermal expansion, vibrations, and ground vibrations. Below, we’ve broken down the top 5 causes for you. Follow us!

  1. Thermal Expansion

Without a doubt, thermal expansion is one of the leading causes of cracks in walls. To understand why it occurs, imagine the structure of a slab. Because it is close to the sun, this region of the house ends up expanding. As a result, the slab “pushes” the walls that support it, potentially causing cracks in the paintwork. It is important to emphasize that dilation is a physical phenomenon — and it is normal for it to occur. To avoid cracking, it is essential to hire an excellent professional to build the house’s structure. So-called expansion joints (space left for the material to expand or contract) are also essential.

  1. Retraction Of Building Materials

In general, we can say that shrinkage is when the material shrinks. Generally, this is due to the exit of water from the wall (the more liquid is mixed into the mass, the greater the retraction). The process can be accelerated if the place is exposed to low air humidity, high winds, high temperature, etc. When cracking occurs, for this reason, the first step is to do a cure to prevent water loss. However, it is possible to prevent the problem by using a reduced amount of liquid in the concrete mix still in the construction.

  1. Vibrations And Vibrations On The Ground

Continuous vibrations in the ground can also affect the painting of buildings, causing cracks. The problem can be caused by several reasons, such as an excess of cars on the street, the subway or train near the house, and elevators. In these cases, it is essential to call a specialist to assess whether the crack caused by this problem has resulted in any structural damage to the house. However, don’t worry: most of the time, it only takes a minor repair to make the crack go away.

  1. Infiltration

The infiltration is another common cause of cracks in the paint. It usually occurs when there is some leakage or poor waterproofing (or lack thereof). In these cases, water gradually enters the wall, causing cracks, mold, and a bad smell. There are several measures to prevent infiltration, such as installing gutters and roof flashing. However, waterproofing is, without a doubt, the best alternative.

  1. Product Defects Or Misapplication

The use of poor-quality paint — and poor application — can also cause cracks in the wall. For this reason, it is essential to purchasing suitable materials from a reputable store in the market. In addition, before building or renovating, it is essential to hire a qualified mason or foreman for maintenance and repair of your system.

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